Pond Building Hertfordshire, Wildlife Pond Build St.Albans The customer wanted Maltby Aquatics to create a wildlife pond with a pebble beach theme. The pond needed to be built from scratch and the brief enabled Maltby Aquatics to decide on the shape and design in a set area given. Firstly the pond was marked out and […]Continue Reading


This wildlife pond in Welywn Garden City Hertfordshire needed refurbishment due to a large rip in the pond liner. The pond was completely cleaned out with a large amount of aquatic animals saved and put into temporary storage to return to the pond on completion, at Maltby Aquatics we try to disturb the wildlife as […]Continue Reading


Do you have an aquarium that needs a good clean? Are you struggling with its upkeep? Maltby Aquatics offers Aquarium Maintenance to help keep your aquarium looking its best, whether its a once off visit or a set maintenance schedule we can help! Prices for standard one off maintenance visits , £45.00, with discounts on […]Continue Reading


One of our services at Maltby Aquatics is to offer the collection of quality fish and add them to your aquarium. We are able to provide assistance with choosing the right fish for your aquarium and will let you choose fish from a suitable fish list to ensure you are happy with your aquarium fish […]Continue Reading


Pond Ultra violet bulb replacement, Pond Maintenance Hertfordshire, Pond Maintenance Bedfordshire The Ultra violet clarifier on pond filters helps combat green water by killing water bourne green algae cells, it also helps kill off pathogens and bacteria’s in the pond to help keep fish healthy. It is important to make sure these bulbs are changed […]Continue Reading


New Aquarium Setup Hemel Hempstead Hertfordshire, Aquarium Maintenance Hertfordshire, Aquarium Installation Hertfordshire This stylish aquarium in Hemel Hempstead Hertfordshire needed setting up. The plan was to provide a Tropical aquarium which was set up to accommodate a selection of  tropical community fish but also provide an eye catching aquarium for the home and the kids! […]Continue Reading


At Maltby Aquatics we offer Aquarium Holiday services to help you relax while away leaving your aquarium in the safe hands of experts. The Holiday package can be combined with a maintenance visit or just include feeding and a quick spruce up along with equipment and health check. Discounts available for multiple visits, please enquire […]Continue Reading


New Pond, Just moved in? Contact Maltby Aquatics today for a free advice visit, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire This extremely green pond needed a complete overhaul to get it back to its former glory. The client had recently moved into the house and needed some assistance from the professionals to help deal with their newly inherited pond. […]Continue Reading


A nice fish pond needed a quick clean to get it back to its former self.  The filter and fountain were serviced and the ultra violet bulb was also changed. Sludge removed sides washed down and plants pruned, along with a lot of duck weed removed. Have a pond in Hemel Hempstead Hertfordshire that needs […]Continue Reading


Maltby Aquatics visited a client in Watford Hertfordshire to carryout a full pond clean. Contact Maltby Aquatics for a free consultation, Pond cleaning in Hertfordshire, Watford The pond had suffered from green water even with a considerable Ultra violet unit, a good clean out would help get rid of extra nutrients causing green water to […]Continue Reading