Pond Building Hertfordshire, Wildlife Pond Build St.Albans

The customer wanted Maltby Aquatics to create a wildlife pond with a pebble beach theme. The pond needed to be built from scratch and the brief enabled Maltby Aquatics to decide on the shape and design in a set area given.

Firstly the pond was marked out and pegged, the turf was removed and the shape was cut using an edging tool.

IMG_2977 IMG_2978









The pond was to be of a maximum depth of 0.75m with a shallow shelf around the top of the pond which would hold the pebbles and a deeper shelf which would be a base for the large boulders and also marginal planters. After the pond was dug out and shaped the level was taken, the garden was in fact incredibly level with only a few parts needing leveling work. It is important to get the level right as water will always remain level and if your pond is not it will be recognisable.








Sand was added to the base of the pond as extra protection due to quite stony soil. A high quality underlay was next laid in the pond to provide the next layer of protection.










The pond liner was next, as with all our ponds we use Gordon Low Greenseal EPDM liners, high quality built to last with a lifetime guarantee. The liner was put in place and the pond slowly filled, the liners folds were moved and shaped  to create a smooth finish.

It was now time to introduce the large boulders which were all aquatic safe, it is important to note many boulders and pebbles from your local garden centre are not suitable for ponds. An extra layer of pond liner was laid on the shelf and then the boulders on top, this was because some had sharp edges.

IMG_2990 IMG_2992 IMG_2995

















Pebbles were then put along the large shelf at the very top of the pond, extra large boulders were mixed between the pebbles to give a natural looking beach theme.

The pond liner was cut to size and tucked under the soil, extra pebbles were then added around the edges with the addition of some terrestrial plants to complete the look. Marginal plants will be added in March/April next season.

IMG_2996 IMG_3001




IMG_3004 IMG_3003IMG_3005


















This pond could also be made to house fish, it would need to be slightly larger with a filtration system that would be completely hidden to give the same natural look. Are you looking to have a pond? Contact Maltby Aquatics today for a free quote