This medium sized fish pond in Hertfordshire was due an overhaul, it really was full of pond sludge! over 1 foot thick in places. This pond clean required removing all of the fish and stripping the pond. Aquatic marginals on the side shelf were left in place to leave an area for wildlife to remain while the sludge was removed.

  • Fish removed
  • Aquatic lilies removed and re-potted
  • Aquatic oxygenator horn-wort plant removed, stored in large bins to allow aquatic life to crawl to the bottom and be re-introduced last thing
  • Fish removed and put into temporary storage complete with oxygen
  • Pond emptied, sludge removed, pond hosed and scrubbed
  • Waterfall and water-feature pump serviced
  • Pond gradually refilled, de-chlorinator added to remove harmful heavy metals
  • Plants re-introduced
  • Fish acclimatised back into the cleaned pond

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A nice clean pond with significantly more water volume for the fish to thrive in