Pond Cleaning, Pond Refurbishment, Pond Waterfall design and installation, Pond Filtration Installation St.Albans Hertfordshire.

This Medium-large pond in St.Albans Hertfordshire needed a complete overhaul, it had not be maintained for many years and was completely overgrown. The existing pond pump and filter were very outdated and needed replacing in line for adding fish. The existing pond also had a small rockery with waterfall that was to be replaced with a much larger new watercourse.

The first job was to empty the pond and remove the existing plants which were completely overgrown, these were cut into sections and then removed and stored to allow pond life to be saved. The pond was emptied and the years of pond sludge was removed and used on the flowerbeds, a great nutrient source! The pond was hosed down and scrubbed clean.

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The next stage was to install the water feature in the form of a concrete cast waterfall, the existing waterfall was removed and the new waterfall was installed by digging out and laying a gravel base following by soil to pack the waterfall in place. The waterfall came in three parts and was leveled at each stage so that the water would flow correctly. Large rocks were placed around the waterfall with future plant additions to complete the look.

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The next stage involved equipment installation. An Oase Filtomatic 25000 was to be the main filtration for the pond which will eventually contain a few large fish so would need a significant system to remove fish waste. This filter is made up of sponges coarse and fine to help remove solids and also provide the perfect environment for bacteria to colonise and break down fish wastes. This filter also has a ultraviolet clarifier (UVC) built in to break down algae cells and pathogens in the water. The Filtomatic is an intelligent filter system, the temperature of the water is monitored and the unit controls when to turn the UVC on and also a sludge remover function that pumps out excess sludge daily. An Oase Aquamax 8000 professional pump was installed to provide the flow to the filtration system, a satellite strainer was also added to help draw from a larger area of the pond.

Oase lunaqua led lights were also installed in the pond, directed at key focal points such as the waterfall to provide an extra dimension to the pond at night, perfect for summer outdoor dining. These led lights use very little energy and could be turned on and off via a remote control which came with the Oase FM Master controller. The FM master was used to connect up all the electrical equipment in this pond, this unit comes with a remote control with a range of 80m so everything can be turned of by the touch of a button.

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An aeration set was also installed which is designed to be used with the filtomatic sets, not only does it provide a large amount of oxygen and surface movement around the pond it also provides extra biological filtration in the form of the unique aerator adapter which is made up of a ring of brushes which are perfect for bacteria colonising.

The addition of a few marginal plants completed the pond.

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