Pond cleaning Welwyn Garden City Hertfordshire

Do you have a pond and live in Welwyn Garden City? Maltby Aquatics can help, we provide pond cleaning services to residents in Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire, we are a locally based small business that prides itself on customer care and water garden excellence, we are aquatic experts and provide free continued advice for all our customers.

This pond in Welwyn Garden city was completely overgrown with iris, and needed to be started over. All the plants were removed and some re-potted, the waterfall area was also cleaned up and the pump was fixed to enable running water for the first time in years!


Overgrown pond in Welwyn Garden City Hertfordshire


Pond Cleaning Welwyn Garden City Hertfordshire


Waterfall cleared, pump repaired


Plants re-potted and open water once again, addition of small water lily




















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