Got a pond that needs a filtration upgrade? We charge internet prices for all our products which not only gives you the best deal but you get fully qualified aquatic professionals installing the equipment. All the equipment is fully guaranteed and any claims are dealt with by us so you don’t need to go back to your local shop with a dirty filter!

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This pond in Harpenden had an old leaky gravity filter that needed replacing and upgrading to a larger unit to deal with the large water volume and heavy stocking level. The quality Oase Filtoclear 16000 was chosen to do the job, with integrated ultra violet clarifier this will keep the pond nice and clear. We added a satellite strainer to the pump to allow for a greater coverage of the pond to remove maximum solids. The new filtration sponges were soaked in pond water and mature sponge was squeezed over to help speed up the maturation. We recommended the customer to reduce feeds for a week to help the water quality stabilize.

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