This large pond had an old waterfall that was leaking water badly and didn’t really give that wow factor. The job consisted of completely rebuilding the water course but keeping the original size of the fall and entry point to the pond.

  • The existing rocks on the old water course were removed to allow for a blank canvas
  • Sand was laid on the old concrete and a Greenseal pond liner was laid over the top, The liner would end up half way down the large rock at the entry to the pond.
  • The rocks of all different sizes and shapes were laid down to create the desired shape, a large piece of slate would finish the water course
  • After the desired shape was made the watercourse needed to be sealed, expanding waterfall foam was used ¬†which would help shape the waters course.
  • After 24 hours the foam was trimmed and the waterfall was finished off by trimming the excess liner and adding more rocks to complete the look

IMG_2287 IMG_2291 IMG_2292
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