Maltby Aquatics provide a complete pond cleaning service for residents in Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire with free consultations, we cater for both wildlife and fish ponds of any size.

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Why do ponds need cleaning?

The bottom of the pond accumulates a layer of what is known as ‘Pond Sludge‘. This pond sludge builds up over time from decaying organic matter such as leaves, fish waste, plant decay etc. If this sludge is not removed it can cause your pond to become unsightly and usually very smelly. This smell is from the anoxic (oxygen depleted) environment that has built up on the bottom of your pond, oxygen levels in your pond will be reduced with a higher concentration of sludge, which can effect fish and other aquatic life.

Do i need a complete clean or a quick spruce up?

Every pond is unique but a general rule is that they need to be completely cleaned every 3-4 years, however keeping up with regular maintenance along with a filtration system to suit your pond can help prolong the need of a complete clean. Looking at our page on Ponds through the Seasons can help give an understanding of what maintenance is required and when. At Maltby Aquatics we always come out to your pond so we can help advise on what we recommend to get your pond looking its best again.

Complete Pond clean 

The following is undertaken in a standard pond clean

  • If the Pond contains fish these are caught and stored in temporary holding, oxygen is provided in the holding tanks.
  • With wildlife ponds we endeavor to save as many aquatic insects as possible which are sieved out and stored.
  • We never replace all the water, we always save a proportion to help speed up the biological maturation of the newly cleaned pond.
  • The Pond is drained and any equipment is removed and serviced.
  • Pond sludge is removed and placed on flowerbeds (great fertiliser!) or in compost.
  • Aquatic plants are removed and re-potted, many mature ponds require large plants to be split and removed in sections.
  • Excess plants are left to dry by the waters edge to allow for aquatic insects to find there way back to the pond.
  • The pond is hosed or pressure washed.
  • The pond is re-filled and a de-chlorinator is added to remove harmful heavy metals and chlorine present in tap water.
  • Any fish or aquatic insects are slowly acclimatised back into the pond

We also offer expert advice on the selection of new plants to suit your pond and also can advise on stocking your pond with fish. At Maltby Aquatics we pride ourselves with our customer service and offer all our pond clean customers free advice throughout the year to help keep their pond looking the best.

Pricing, How much to clean my Pond?

Each pond is unique so giving a price depends on how much work is needed, we therefore offer a free consultation where we will come out and give you a quote based on your pond, in that way you know what your paying with no hidden extra costs at the end of the job. Most medium sized ponds take a full day to clean usually needing only one member of staff. Please contact us today to discuss coming over to view your pond, we are confident that we provide a first class service at very competitive prices.

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What our customers say…

Pond Cleaning Harpenden

I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Alasdair to anyone. He was reasonably priced, very efficient and tidy and after he had gone you would not have known he had been here at all save for the 1st class job and wonderful looking pond


Pond Clean Wheathampstead

Dear Alasdair, I should just like to thank you for the amazing transformation of my pond from a turgid mess into a thing of beauty! Nothing was too much trouble for you and your knowledge and expertise were invaluable. I shall derive so much pleasure from all your hard work and will certainly recommend you.


Pond Clean Hemel Hempstead

I felt that I had to write and thank you for the work that you have undertaken on my poor beleaguered pond. In all the years that it has been in the garden, it has never looked so good and so healthy. The advice that you have given has been very insightful to me into what is and, arguably what is not, important to maintain a natural balance whilst at the same time creating the water feature I wanted for the garden. It has been a wonderful summer listening to the sound of running water and the fountain.