Going away on holiday always brings up the question who is going to look after the pets? For the cat and dog its a pretty simple affair off to the kennels or the friendly neighbour can pop in, fish are almost always overlooked but if you have spent hundreds on your aquarium and it’s inhabitants surely its worth considering some holiday care? For many leaving your aquarium in your neighbours/ friends hands isn’t an option, the nightmare of an overfed aquarium with dead fish on your return is unfortunately a reality for many. At Maltby Aquatics we recognise this but also we know going away is an expensive ordeal so we have come up with a holiday service which wont cost a fortune! we also offer a discounted rate for existing customers.

What types of holiday service do you provide?

We have two main holiday services;

– Firstly there is our  ‘quick drop in service’ to feed the fish and check everything, we will arrange this drop in around other jobs to keep the costs at an absolute minimum. This can either be a single visit or multiple visits throughout the week. This service is a 15 min max time slot

– The second is our  ‘in depth holiday service’, this is similar to our standard aquarium maintenance service which includes an aquarium clean and water change. We would also be feeding the fish and doing any extra maintenance tasks such as cleaning a protein skimmer, this service is up to an hour time slot.

These two services can also be combined, many customers choose a drop in for feeding and checks followed by a main holiday service which would ensure the aquarium is looking its best so that on your return from holiday the fish tank is one less thing to worry about.

If you would like more information on holiday pricing please don’t hesitate to contact us today for a quote