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At Maltby Aquatics we offer an aquarium set up service for an existing aquarium or the complete package.

Many of our customers had an old aquarium that they wanted help setting up, or have bought a new aquarium but need that bit of extra help to get it looking perfect. Alternatively if you need to start from scratch we are able to provide aquariums to fit any space and budget. Do you need that little bit of extra help? Maltby Aquatics has years of experience of aquarium setup and design, you can be involved as much or little as you want, all we need to know is where you want it and we will do the rest. We offer a free consultation (location dependent), this can be over the phone or at your home to give you an idea of costs and possibilities, contact us today.

We can design any aquarium habitat to suit any fishes requirements but do specialise in the following;

  • Freshwater planted aquariums
  • Freshwater community aquariums
  • Small aquariums ideal for kids, fun bright vibrant easy to look after fish
  • Discus fish aquariums
  • Malawi rift lake Cichlids
  • If you are after a salt water coral reef aquarium click here for more information
How much does it cost?

Each aquarium is different depending on its size and how you want it themed, but as a rough guide we charge £125.00 +VAT  for a medium sized set up, equipment and decorations as extra. We provide full after sales care with free advice for all existing customers to ensure the aquarium is living up to your expectations! We are happy to give a quote for any sized aquarium, contact us today.

Can you help me look after my aquarium once its set up?

If you need some extra help looking after your aquarium let Maltby Aquatics take care of everything and come up with a maintenance schedule to suit, find out more about aquarium maintenance here
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