Struggling to find time to keep your aquarium maintained? We can agree a regular maintenance schedule so all you have to do is sit back and enjoy your aquarium. Maltby Aquatics is here to help.

We offer a range of maintenance services to keep your aquarium looking at its best all year round, whether its a one off spruce up or a regular planned visit we can help, contact us today for a free quote

We maintain both Freshwater and Marine aquariums


Aquarium Maintenance Hemel Hempstead


Aquarium Maintenance Hitchen Hertfordshire


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Aquarium Maintenance what does it involve?

The most common tasks that we would carryout would be as follows

  • Aquarium health check 
  • Equipment check, bulb changes etc
  • Water quality
  • Algae removal
  • Water change, we bring our own treated water
  • Gravel siphon
  • Filtration service
  • Plant pruning
  • Plant dosing

Specific to Salt water Aquariums;

  • Salinity check
  • RO top ups
  • Salt creep removal
  • Reactor cleans and media replacement
  • UV bulb changes
  • Skimmer cleaning
  • Targeted coral feeds
  • Coral fraging, health issues
  • Ca, mg, ALK testing, appropriate dosing

We provide a job list at the end of each job to show what has been completed, we flag up any issues and how they were dealt with with possible future improvements.

How much does it cost?

Each aquarium is different however to get an idea of price we charge  roughly £60 + VAT per maintenance visit depending on aquarium and location. We offer discounted rates on regular scheduled work. A full deep clean would be charged from £125 + VAT