At Maltby Aquatics we can provide filtration maintenance on your equipment to keep it working at its best, this can be a one off service or part of a package with key visits throughout the year, with discounted rates for customers taking the complete package. It is important to keep your pond filtration maintained, un-maintained equipment will become blocked up with reduced flow and therefore the filtration will not work as intended and can cause damage, not to mention a dirty pond!

  • Flow reduced, less oxygen created less and therefore less available for fish, possible fish deaths
  • Blocked sponges, less biological filtration and less solids removed due to no sponge surface to allow the waste to stick
  • Blocked pump cages – no waste removal pond becomes dirty, damage and overheating of pump and impellers


The Maintenance service Includes;

1) Full pump cleanPump removed from the pond, the cage is opened and fully cleaned. Impeller checked and cleaned, all o-rings cleaned and greased to ensure optimum efficiency of pump.

2) Full filtration clean – Sponges cleaned using pond water to keep good bacteria alive and remove waste.

3) Ultra violet Clarifier (UVC) – Bulb checked and replaced if necessary, quartz sleeve cleaned to remove calcium deposits left on the glass.

How much does it cost?

The cost of each visit depends on the size of the filtration and your location however as a rough guide it costs between £50-£65 + VAT. There is no contract or upfront costs and we can give you a reminder that your filtration is due a service which enables you to sit back and enjoy your pond.