I’ve Inherited a Pond in Hertfordshire, I’ve Inherited a Pond in Bedfordshire, can you assist?

Have you recently moved house and inherited a pond? If you have never had a garden pond before it can be a bit daunting especially when there are fish and pumps involved. At Maltby Aquatics we are able to help advise you on your pond to give you one less thing to worry about, we are here to help.

Lets be honest when moving there is so much to arrange and think about and the garden pond will inevitably take a back seat. That’s why we provide a full health check to ensure if there are any issues with the fish/ equipment they can be solved quickly. Alasdair, Maltby Aquatics

Inherited a Pond? How can Maltby Aquatics help

One Off Visit

This can be in the form of a one off visit to check everything over and to give helpful honest advice and some practical training to help you maintain your pond for the future

Provide a full health check – If the pond contains fish we will check to see if they are healthy, many fish ponds which have been left due to the moving process and may need a bit of TLC

Full equipment check – Is the filtration for the pond working? Is it rated for the size of the pond. A lot of old ponds have very outdated filtration systems which can struggle with whats needed to keep your pond clear, through our years of experience in the aquatic trade we can advise on suitable filtration systems to meet any budget if the old system isn’t up to scratch.

Training – We provide full easy to understand practical advise on how to look after fish and crucially feeding of the fish along with how to understand your pond equipment.

Maintenance Package

At Maltby Aquatics we provide a maintenance package to suit everyone, each package is tailored to suit an individuals pond. By choosing to have Maltby Aquatics look after your pond we can ensure everything is running smoothly and looking great! We provide FREE advice over the phone or via email when you feel you need that bit of extra help, perfect for when you have inherited a pond.

Our Maintenance packages include a few visits throughout the year to encompass every season with discounted rates for customers taking the complete package. We also offer complete pond cleans and pond refurbishments as some inherited ponds need a little more than a quick tidy up.