Do i need to remove my filter during winter?

Over the winter many people ask do i have to remove my filter and pump? At  Maltby aquatics we believe you should keep your filter and pump running throughout the winter months to ensure the pond has sufficient oxygen and water movement to reduce the chances of the pond freezing over. We do advise for waterfalls to be switched off or bypassed as water can become cooler when mixing with the air during extreme temperatures which can adversely effect your fish.

Why is it important that my pond doesn’t freeze over?

During the winter months your pond begins to shut down where most of the aquatic life is in a dormant period. Fish will stop feeding and start slowing down with very little movement keeping their energy reserves through the cold months. Many amphibians such as frogs will also still use the pond during the winter and lay dormant on the bottom breathing through their skin using up little to no energy.

Leaves and detritus on the pond floor will continue to decay throughout the winter months and even though fish will not produce any waste so therefore not adding to this decaying material the leaves will still use up a lot of oxygen in the decaying process. If the pond freezes over then there will be little available oxygen in the pond (increased carbon dioxide) which will kill any resting frogs or fish that inhabit the pond. Contrary to popular belief a ball is not a great way of stopping ice formation. If you do not have pond filtration or find you struggle with your pond icing over a small inexpensive pond heater would be advisable. Oxygenator plants are a great way of providing a natural oxygen addition to your pond, also the addition of a pond air pump can help.

Winter filtration tips, Winter Filtration Cover

At Maltby Aquatics we provide a great way of ensuring your pond filter is kept working at its best during the winter months and ensuring your pond is happy. For our most popular ranges of filters we install a winter cover which combined with insulation covers the whole unit and keeps it safe from frosts throughout the winter months. The pumps we use also come with thermal cut offs under -20 which will ensure no harm is caused during the winter months. We charge only £10.00 for this custom cover built by Maltby Aquatics that fits pressurised filtration systems.

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If you decide to remove your filter from your pond  do not leave water in it, you must store it dry as not to allow water to freeze and crack the filter and/ or the UVC glass quartz sleeve.