Below is a montage of some of my work in the past few weeks, this includes pond cleaning, pond building, pond refurbishment, equipment installation, filter maintenance packages and much more..

IMG_4122 IMG_4125 IMG_5035 IMG_5033 IMG_5039

IMG_5038 IMG_5037 IMG_4802 IMG_4799 IMG_4805

IMG_5045IMG_4896IMG_5203 IMG_5357 IMG_5199 IMG_5201 IMG_4213 IMG_5027 IMG_4734 IMG_5215 IMG_4217 IMG_4638 IMG_4642 IMG_4928 IMG_4923 IMG_5259 IMG_5258 IMG_5256 IMG_4931 IMG_4930 IMG_5295 IMG_5293 IMG_5296 IMG_4759 IMG_4758 IMG_4762 IMG_5115 IMG_5019 IMG_4897;;