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This medium sized pond lightly stocked with fish required a filtration system to be installed. maltby aquatics always recommends using Oase filtration systems and the customer accepted the quote to go ahead and install one on their pond. This Oase filtration system has been our best seller this year with quality parts and easy use […]Continue Reading


Today we installed another Oase filtoclear 3000 set for a customer with a very green pond in Hemel Hempsted, Hertfordshire. This pond contains a large number of fish and previously did not have any filtration so was in desperate need of one. The green water will be removed with the Oase UVC which has a […]Continue Reading


This centre piece aquarium needed an adjustment with its lighting. The lighting was in a real muddle and situated well above the water level reducing the effectiveness of the lighting penetration and therefore reduced levels of PAR, not great for coral growth. Two old T8 marine blue tubes were replaced with two state of the […]Continue Reading


Have an existing pond that you would like a water feature installed in? then look no further and ask the experts at maltby aquatics to install it for you. A customer in Wheathampsted asked maltby aquatics to install a small frog ornament. We managed to fit it onto an existing pump using a few inexpensive […]Continue Reading


When keeping sensitive species such as corals or soft water species such as Discus fish its advisable to use Reverse Osmosis water (RO). The Reverse Osmosis units remove any additives and sediments such as chlorine’s, heavy metals, calcium etc from your tap water to produce a pure soft water. This is especially important in Hertfordshire […]Continue Reading


This fish pond in Hemel Hempsted Hertfordshire was in need of a clean. The following jobs were undertaken to make the pond look great and function. Duck weed was removed along with hair algae and blanket weed. 400l of water was saved to help keep some beneficial bacteria when refilling the pond, when cleaning a […]Continue Reading


This preformed pond in Wheathampsted Hertfordshire required a good overhaul to get it back to its former glory, the following jobs were carried out in this wildlife pond clean. Pond was drained and amphibians collected The pond had a large amount of sediment on the bottom from years of decaying organic matter which was removed […]Continue Reading


Sometimes getting fish for your pond can be a bit more difficult than expected, with so many types to choose from which will really suit my pond? At maltby aquatics we offer free advice to help you choose the right fish for your pond. Most aquatic shops will NOT take back unwanted pond fish due […]Continue Reading