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At maltbyaquatics we can provide an extensive range of marginal, bog and aquatic plants to suit your ponds needs. We have ranges of plants for wildlife ponds and fish ponds and will do our best to source specified plants from our local quality supplier based in Hertfordshire. We get our plants straight from the grower […]Continue Reading


If your pond contains water lilies and has not be cleaned out for a while chances are the water lilies have taken over! The water lily loves nutrients and in mature ponds with high levels of sludge they will flourish and start to spread out of their containers all over the pond. The root masses […]Continue Reading


If you haven’t looked at your pumps recently or the flow out of your filter or waterfall has gone to a dribble its probably because your pump is full of sludge. Maltbyaquatics provides a pump maintenance service to inspect and clean your pump to bring it back to its former glory. It is especially important […]Continue Reading


Installing a new pond filter and pump can be a little bit tricky and not to mention dirty! At maltbyaquatics we can advise on what filtration system best suits your pond and can install them for a small charge. This week i installed a great piece of kit from Oase, the Oase Filtomatic 14000, designed for […]Continue Reading


All aquariums and ponds will contain levels of ammonia, nitrite and nitrate at some point in their history and especially when first set up. Maturation of the filters by carrying out sensible fish stocking over time and careful feeding along with regular maintenance will enable your aquarium or pond  to thrive. After a feed levels […]Continue Reading


No pond too small… At maltby aquatics we will quote to clean any sized pond… This Pond in Southdown Harpenden was defiantly the smallest pond i have worked on so far. It was a natural wildlife pond full of frogs and newts which brought challenges to the way i approached the cleaning of it. Using […]Continue Reading


If your pond is looking a bit run down its time to give it a much needed spruce up. Maltby Aquatics offers pond maintenance packages which are tailored to suit the needs of your pond, with cleaning packages for ponds up to 3000l priced starting at only £60.. Pond packages include… Free expert advice on […]Continue Reading


Green water can be a real pain at this time of the year and make your pond look like pea soup and even though the fish don’t mind it really makes your pond look awful. The green water is millions of algae cells benefiting from the high level of nutrients and light to reproduce to […]Continue Reading