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This fish pond in Harpenden Hertfordshire needed a complete overhaul which meant everything needed removing including the fish. When completely cleaning a pond which contains fish it is important to save as much water as possible and be sure to acclimatise the fish slowly back into the newly filled pond as the water chemistry will […]Continue Reading


A lovely wildlife pond in Hemel Hempsted Hertfordshire required some attention. The pond had been overgrown with grass and a large proportion of the plants had been smothered or outgrown their original pots. The brief was as follows; Re-shape the ponds edges Remove grass from planters Re-pot overgrown marginals Remove dead planters Addition of new […]Continue Reading


Its that time of year when its really worth giving the pond filter a good clean before you start increasing the feeding levels for your fish. Replacing old sponges UV bulbs etc can be done at the same time. The filter may need a bit of a spot clean during the summer but be sure […]Continue Reading


Has your pond got a blanket weed outbreak? At maltby aquatics we can help remove this nuisance algae from your pond. A customer in Harpenden had a serious blanket weed outbreak and took advantage of our blanket weed service. We set about removing the bulk of the blanket weed and then treated the pond with […]Continue Reading


We revisited a pond we refurbished last year to see how things had been progressing. The addition of new marginals were needed to complete the look, in the coming months the planters will be bursting with colour and foliage. The amount of life already in this pond was staggering, newts and tadpoles literally covering every […]Continue Reading