This huge fish pond required a complete clean out. Over the past 10 years no cleaning had been done and there was significant numbers of trees bordering the pond and with in-adequate filtration half the pond had become a bog.

There were a large number of golden Orfe which were caught out and put into the top pond, which wasn’t being cleaned, after the clean the fish would be re-introduced. Once the fish were removed the pond was drained and the long task of removing the decade of pond silt started.

The pond sludge didn’t have to go far, it was removed by hand plastic shovels which worked perfectly and wheelbarrows transported the sludge to the back of the pond. The whole pond was thoroughly cleaned.

To ensure the pond didn’t fill up with leaves again we installed a lake skimmer which was capable of pulling a high number of leaves into the collection basket before they hit the bottom of the pond. The main filtration of this pond is situated in the upper area.

A fun and very messy job well done! The addition of planters will be added late spring to help bind any nutrients from any debris building up in the future.