Although the client had an existing pond they wanted to expand the ponds size and make it into a statement feature. The existing pond had become too small for the fish that lived in it and was very overgrown. The brief was to provide a much larger pond with upgraded filtration and a formal stone edge to merge into a patio area in the future.

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  • The old pond was emptied,
  • The fish were kept in temporary ponds and the pond sludge was put on the flowerbeds
  • The new ponds shape was marked out and dug
  • The pond was leveled and given a concrete surround with holes left for filtration pipes
  • A high quality underlay was laid over a sand base followed by the pond liner which was shaped to fit
  • The pond was gradually filled to allow for the folds to be kept to a minimum
  • The Yorkstone edging was laid
  • A new Oase Filtomatic system was installed with Oase Tradux liner fittings to hide the hoses
  • The pond was given a vacum to remove any cement.
  • Filter bacteria was added to the filter and a selection of marginal plants were added
  • Fish were acclimatized and added to their new home.

David Lye