This nice fish pond in Welwyn Garden City needed a good clean out and an upgraded filter kit to keep it clean all year round

The old waterfall on this pond had slipped as over time its weight had pushed the soil from under it. Maltby Aquatics added a sand and stone base and used a foam sealer to keep the waterfall in place. We also replaced the woodern back boards to hold the soil from the rockery in place as these had rotted almost completely. The new filter set from Oase was installed, as an approved Oase installer we are able to get the best filter set to suit your pond and its requirements. Finally the pond was given a good clean and a selection of new pebbles were foamed into place around the ponds edge to freshen up the old boarder.


Leveling up the existing waterfall which came in three sections


New wooden backing board to hold the rockery in place


Pond cleaning Welwyn Garden City Hertfordshire


Approved Oase Installer Hertfordshire


Waterfall completed and running, flow regulated by valve


Completed clean pond with new filtration and edging improvements


This regular customer takes advantage of Maltby Aquatics filtration maintenance package to ensure the filter is maintained throughout the year so they can sit back and enjoy their pond.

Does your pond need a bit of a clean up, perhaps the filter isn’t doing the job you need it to, are you having to clean your pump every week? Maltby Aquatics the local pond experts can help, with our expertise in the aquatic industry we can advise on the best performing products to suit your pond at an affordable price. Contact Maltby Aquatics today.

Maltby Aquatics provides pond cleaning services in Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire.