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This small fish pond needed an overhaul. The pond was very old fashioned with old concrete slab edges. The brief saw the back edge changed to a natural rock edge and an increase in pond volume with a new coping stone over the existing wall to increase depths. A solid concrete ledge was set for […]Continue Reading


An old fibreglass pond needed an upgrade and re-design. One of the key parts of the brief was to be wildlife friendly but also allow some protection for the fish living in the pond. A liner was used for the new pond with an upgraded filter system to deal with the fish along with a […]Continue Reading


The client had an existing small wildlife pond with a great abundance of newts and toads. The brief was to build a more formal pond with a paved edge (with planters to allow for easier access for wildlife) and a patio area to relax and enjoy the pond. It was important to consider the different […]Continue Reading


This existing pond had a familiar story, the liner had stopped holding water. A complete refurbishment would be necessary. The pond had a great selection of gorgeous rocks which we would re-purpose for the edging, by lowering the shelf’s the rocks would sit part way in the water hiding the liner and protecting it from […]Continue Reading


This existing block built L-Shaped pond needed an overhaul. The brief consisted of removal of old pond and slightly raising to create a low wall around the patio which would provide much needed extra depth in the pond but also stop run off entering the pond especially when cleaning the patio. The pond was given […]Continue Reading


Maltby Aquatics was contracted in to refurbish a medium sized garden pond. The pond had no fish but was a wildlife haven but the old liner had torn in multiple places. The existing Yorkstone edging pavers were restored and relaid over a premium rubber EPDM liner. A selection of planters were added along with a […]Continue Reading


This huge fish pond required a complete clean out. Over the past 10 years no cleaning had been done and there was significant numbers of trees bordering the pond and with in-adequate filtration half the pond had become a bog. There were a large number of golden Orfe which were caught out and put into […]Continue Reading


Although the client had an existing pond they wanted to expand the ponds size and make it into a statement feature. The existing pond had become too small for the fish that lived in it and was very overgrown. The brief was to provide a much larger pond with upgraded filtration and a formal stone […]Continue Reading


This wildlife pond in St.Albans needed to be completely re-lined to hold water again. The old liner looked like an old paddling pool liner! The pond was emptied which was mostly sludge with very little water and the family of newts housed in a temporary pond. A new level was set with a concrete topper […]Continue Reading


This nice fish pond in Welwyn Garden City needed a good clean out and an upgraded filter kit to keep it clean all year round The old waterfall on this pond had slipped as over time its weight had pushed the soil from under it. Maltby Aquatics added a sand and stone base and used […]Continue Reading