A customer in Harpenden Hertfordshire needed some help setting up their new freshwater aquarium which was stylishly installed in the wall separating their kitchen and living space. After a free consultation Maltby aquatics came up with a design to suit the customers needs.

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Due to the fact this aquarium was in the wall it caused very restricted access. The filtration was installed using an adjacent cupboard to conceal the pipework and fittings. A choice of quality plants from Tropica were chosen to suit the aquariums depth and future tank mates, plant substrate was added under the fine gravel to help boost plant growth in the first few months. The layout of the plants will help disguise any pipework and complement the shape of the aquarium with viewing available from both sides.

The plants used in this aquarium were chosen for beginners and will require little attention.

  • Amazon Sword Echniodorus Rose
  • Crypt Cryptocoryne wendtii Mi Oya
  • Amazon Sword¬†Echniodorus barthii
  • Temple plant Hygrophila corymbosa Siamensis 53B
  • Aquatic Lilly Nymphaea lotus
  • Eel grass Vallisneria americana

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