Green water can be a real pain at this time of the year and make your pond look like pea soup and even though the fish don’t mind it really makes your pond look awful. The green water is millions of algae cells benefiting from the high level of nutrients and light to reproduce to huge numbers making your whole pond look green and murky. There a a couple of options to help deal with green water, barley straw and chemical additives can work but are only used as short term solutions, a Ultra Violet Clarifier (UVC) is the most effective long term option. Installing a UVC will help combat green water all year round by zapping the algae cells and turning your pond back to its clear normal self.

Before i could look to do pond cleaning for a client in St.albans Hertfordshire i had to sort the green water issue first so we could actually see what is going on, a new filter containing a UVC was needed along with a suitable pump.



I have just installed a new Oase Filtoclear 3000 set for a customer in St.albans Hertfordshire. This set comprises of a Filtoclear 3000 filter and an Aquamax Eco Premium 4000 pump. The Filtoclear 3000 is the filter which houses sponges to remove large waste particles and to provide surface area to house beneficial bacteria to break down harmful ammonia concentrations built up from decaying fish waste. The Filtoclear 3000 also houses a UVC bulb which as already mentioned clears up green water but also can reduce the level of bacteria and pathogens in a pond which is especially important when keeping large amounts of fish. The other part of the set is the pump, Oase Aquamax Eco Premium 4000 which pumps 4000 litres per hour and can remove large waste particles due to the large grade mesh cover perfect at removing excess nutrients in the form of decaying plant matter. This pump is also extremely economical meaning low running costs which is important when the pump runs throughout the year, it even turns itself off when temperatures plummet to protect itself!. This kit will help solve the green water problem my client is currently experiencing. Check the blog for updated pictures of how the pond clears with this equipment.


The combination of a good quality UVC lamp and an efficient pump and filter system to remove excess nutrients in your pond will quickly get rid of the green water. Maltby aquatics recommends changing the UVC bulb every 6-12 months as over time they become less efficient so will not clear the pond of green water so effectively.  Be sure to clean the glass sleeve housing the UVC bulb to allow as much light penetration as possible to help combat the green water.

Maltby Aquatics provides pond cleaning services throughout Hertfordshire and will provide free quotes on request.