Installing a new pond filter and pump can be a little bit tricky and not to mention dirty! At maltbyaquatics we can advise on what filtration system best suits your pond and can install them for a small charge. This week i installed a great piece of kit from Oase, the Oase Filtomatic 14000, designed for ponds up to 14000 litres and sophisticated enough to deal with a large number of fish which the customers pond in Harpenden contained.

Oase Filtomatic 14000 set consists of a large gravity filtration unit which comes complete with a Ultra Violet Clarifier (UVC) and also an Aquamax Eco Professional 6000 to pump the water from the pond to the filter.

This filtration unit contains large sponges which are perfect for removal of solid waste, they also provide a large surface area for colonisation of filter bacteria which will break down organic waste. The UVC helps to keep the pond water crystal clear by irradiating the green algae cells living in the water. This filter contains a computer system that will determine when the UVC needs to be active and therefore increases the life of the bulb leading to reduced long term running costs. Maintenance of filters can be a real pain but with the Oase Filtomatic 14000 the computer automatically removes any sludge that has built up on the bottom of the unit 4 times daily which is fed out onto the garden via a maintenance outlet. The sponges still will require maintenance however the filter will tell you when this is necessary.


Sponges with blue topped handles

UVC top right of image

Sludge pump top left

Computer display top middle

Sludge indicator bottom left



This filter unit can be buried however i decided to only part bury it to enable easier access. A level base was made and then the filter was sat on top of this. It is important when installing a gravity filter that it is level or else water is likely to overflow from the lowest point. Oase pipework was installed to return the water from the filter to the water fall. A 3 meter lenght of 1.5 inch high quality black koi hose was used to connect the filter to the Oase Aquamax Eco Professional 6000 pump, the pump was then lowered into the bottom of the pond. The pump was turned on first as the filter needed to be full before being switched on to not damage the UVC, the integrity and performance was checked before the job was completed.


This unit is fully customize-able allowing the UVC to be turned on, off or when required. The sludge pump settings can also be set to mimic the stocking density of the pond.

Overall this is a great piece of kit that will keep a pond crystal clear and sludge free throughout the year, another great product by Oase.