If you haven’t looked at your pumps recently or the flow out of your filter or waterfall has gone to a dribble its probably because your pump is full of sludge. Maltbyaquatics provides a pump maintenance service to inspect and clean your pump to bring it back to its former glory.

It is especially important when it is hot that your pump is running at full capacity as the more surface agitation the more oxygen that will be created to help keep your pond and fish healthy. Modern pond pumps contain a cage to help stop wildlife being sucked into them and also to limit the particles size of solid waste taken up and sent to the filter. Large fish pond designed pumps have large cages to remove large sized waste particles, this usually leads to a large amount of sludge settling inside the pump reducing its effectiveness. The pump will become damaged if not serviced, heavily soiled pumps have to work a lot harder and the impellers will become misshaped and need replacing, by regularly cleaning your pump you can stop the pump failing.










This job required two pumps to be cleaned, the easiest way to do this was to get in! Sludge was removed using a hose and the pump impellers were checked over.