No pond too small… At maltby aquatics we will quote to clean any sized pond…

This Pond in Southdown Harpenden was defiantly the smallest pond i have worked on so far. It was a natural wildlife pond full of frogs and newts which brought challenges to the way i approached the cleaning of it. Using a pond vacuum was not the answer, the pond was too small for this and too risky on the aquatic life as they would be unable to swim away. Buckets, nets and jugs was the answer. After removing the very overgrown lilly i set about carefully catching all the frogs and newts and placing them in a bucket in the shade while i completed the pond clean. This pond even though very small needed to be completely stripped as the amount of sludge that had accumulated over the years was 10 inches thick! Although unsightly this sludge is excellent fertiliser for your flowerbeds so it wasn’t wasted. Replanting the aquatic lilly was next, i used the pond sludge as the compost as this would keep much needed pond bacteria after removing most of it in the cleaning process, its also perfect for a nutrient loving plant such as the lilly. The pond was refilled with de-chlorinated water and plants were added, the fountain pump was also serviced and working well after months of inactivity..

IMG_0473 IMG_0475

The finished pond, neat and tidy & free from sludge!