This large fish pond in Harpenden Hertfordshire needed to be relined due to a leaky liner. Although a patch had been tried many years ago it was realised that a complete new liner would be needed to get the pond back to its former glory. This job would require removal and temporary storage of pond […]Continue Reading


This pond in St.Albans Hertfordshire required cleaning to get it back to its former self. The pond had been completely over run by an array of aquatic plants and it was hard to see any water let alone the fish.                 The pond was completely emptied with all […]Continue Reading


A Customer in Harpenden was after a new wildlife pond to replace their original small barrel pond. The brief was to enlarge the pond by at least 3 times, to include a large array of plants to attract wildlife and filter the pond with no need for pond pumps. The pond was dug to a […]Continue Reading


Aquarium Installation Luton, Bedfordshire New aquarium installation in customers kitchen wall. Freshwater Tropical planted aquarium which will contain a variety of easy to look after community fish.       At Maltby Aquatics we offer a range of affordable Aquarium Services, we have years of experience in the hobby, trade and public aquarium sector allowing […]Continue Reading


Pond Cleaning, Pond Refurbishment, Pond Waterfall design and installation, Pond Filtration Installation St.Albans Hertfordshire. This Medium-large pond in St.Albans Hertfordshire needed a complete overhaul, it had not be maintained for many years and was completely overgrown. The existing pond pump and filter were very outdated and needed replacing in line for adding fish. The existing […]Continue Reading


This concrete pond built in 1980 required a complete overhaul due to an ongoing issue with a stubborn crack.       The pond firstly needed to be emptied and cleaned. The pond had only a small amount of water in but had years and years of pond sludge. Old plants and sludge were composted […]Continue Reading


Pond Building Hertfordshire, Wildlife Pond Build St.Albans The customer wanted Maltby Aquatics to create a wildlife pond with a pebble beach theme. The pond needed to be built from scratch and the brief enabled Maltby Aquatics to decide on the shape and design in a set area given. Firstly the pond was marked out and […]Continue Reading


This wildlife pond in Welywn Garden City Hertfordshire needed refurbishment due to a large rip in the pond liner. The pond was completely cleaned out with a large amount of aquatic animals saved and put into temporary storage to return to the pond on completion, at Maltby Aquatics we try to disturb the wildlife as […]Continue Reading


Do you have an aquarium that needs a good clean? Are you struggling with its upkeep? Maltby Aquatics offers Aquarium Maintenance to help keep your aquarium looking its best, whether its a once off visit or a set maintenance schedule we can help! Prices for standard one off maintenance visits , £45.00, with discounts on […]Continue Reading


One of our services at Maltby Aquatics is to offer the collection of quality fish and add them to your aquarium. We are able to provide assistance with choosing the right fish for your aquarium and will let you choose fish from a suitable fish list to ensure you are happy with your aquarium fish […]Continue Reading