No pond too small… At maltby aquatics we will quote to clean any sized pond… This Pond in Southdown Harpenden was defiantly the smallest pond i have worked on so far. It was a natural wildlife pond full of frogs and newts which brought challenges to the way i approached the cleaning of it. Using […]Continue Reading


If your pond is looking a bit run down its time to give it a much needed spruce up. Maltby Aquatics offers pond maintenance packages which are tailored to suit the needs of your pond, with cleaning packages for ponds up to 3000l priced starting at only £60.. Pond packages include… Free expert advice on […]Continue Reading


Green water can be a real pain at this time of the year and make your pond look like pea soup and even though the fish don’t mind it really makes your pond look awful. The green water is millions of algae cells benefiting from the high level of nutrients and light to reproduce to […]Continue Reading


When having an aquarium going on holiday can always cause a few issues when deciding what to do with the fish when you are away. Shall we get the neighbour over? Shall we just leave them surely they will be ok? coming home to an overfed aquarium or worse requiring hours of work to put […]Continue Reading