We revisited a pond we refurbished last year to see how things had been progressing. The addition of new marginals were needed to complete the look, in the coming months the planters will be bursting with colour and foliage. The amount of life already in this pond was staggering, newts and tadpoles literally covering every […]Continue Reading


Its officially spring and its time to consider giving your pond a quick spruce up. Feel like you could do with a bit of extra advice? Got a pond that your not sure what to do with? Never get around to sorting the pond out? Why not contact maltby aquatics, Harpenden’s pond experts for a […]Continue Reading


Spring has arrived and its worth keeping an eye on the fish in your pond. In warmer weather the fish will become more active as the pond temperature rises and start to metabolise which means they will need to be fed, slowly at first with a wheatgerm pellet until the water temperature goes above 11 […]Continue Reading


A customer in Harpenden Hertfordshire needed some help setting up their new freshwater aquarium which was stylishly installed in the wall separating their kitchen and living space. After a free consultation Maltby aquatics came up with a design to suit the customers needs.                         […]Continue Reading


Over the winter period a fish pond will start to slow down and there is no need to feed your fish, they become dormant moving very little not producing waste due to the low temperature of the water. The bacteria levels in your filter reduce significantly as they don’t have as much ‘food’ available. Filters […]Continue Reading


This lovely fish pond in Harpenden, Hertfordshire needed a filtration upgrade. Cleaning out your pump every few days as it keeps getting blocked up sound familiar? This customers pond had a small pond pump designed as a water feature pump which couldn’t handle solids and therefore blocked easily. The pond had a separate Ultra Violet […]Continue Reading


Its time to stop feeding your fish if you haven’t already. Common pond fish do not need feeding when temperatures drop below 10 degrees, this is due to the fact that they don’t move much so therefore are not using much energy, they are unable to break down the proteins and fats in the food […]Continue Reading


Pond Edging The next stage once the pond was full was to put the edging stone around the base of the rockery and on the natural zone shelf’s to keep the liner in place. Marginal plants were placed behind the edging stones on the natural shelf’s. The rest of the pond edging will comprise of […]Continue Reading


Pond equipment installation While the pond was filling the filtration was installed. The filtration that was chosen for this pond is as follows. Pond Filter Oase Biotec Screenmatic 12. This large gravity filter uses sponges to break down organics in the pond along with zeolite cartridges. The filtration has a unique screening device which periodically […]Continue Reading


Pond Re-lining, Sand and Underlay The next stage was to start re-lining the pond. The first step was to add builders sand and off-cuts of liner which were used on the damaged sections of the old underlay. The new underlay was then used to line the pond, this new sheeting stops stones or roots from […]Continue Reading