Constructing permanent shelf’s The first stage was to construct the permanent shelf’s. There were three shelf’s that needed to be built, the main shelf under the large rockery would provide a new edge for the pond liner to rest on and the other two smaller ledges would be for the natural zones. The idea of […]Continue Reading


This impressive pond and waterfall in Kinsbourne Green Harpenden Hertfordshire was in need of a complete refurbishment to bring it back to its former glory. The customer asked maltby aquatics to provide the complete package required to do just that. This  large pond includes a large rockery area with an impressive waterfall with large boulders […]Continue Reading


Introduction of plants The next stage was to introduce some marginal and aquatic plants to help attract wildlife to the pond and give the pond a good instant look. Various marginal plants were added tailored to a wildlife pond including, Iris Water Mint Water forget-me not Brass Buttons Marsh Marigolds Purple Loosestrife Raged Robin Red […]Continue Reading


Pond edging Once the pond liner had settled it was time to lay the York stone around the pond. Large York stone was used to hold the liner over the pond connector and smaller selected pieces were used for the edging. The patio area was also relayed to keep it level with the new pond. […]Continue Reading


Installing the Pond liner The liner we chose to use was Greenseal liner, heavy duty premium liner but a bit cheaper than Butyl a perfect choice for most ponds. The first set was to create some shelving to allow for plants, these were made using builders sand, the bottom of both ponds were then also […]Continue Reading


Pond life  The first part of this pond refurbish was to remove the old ponds inhabitants. It was decided that to ensure we save as much life as possible we would set up a temporary pond for the duration of the time it takes to re-build the pond and mature it and put everything from […]Continue Reading


This pond in Southdown Harpenden, Hertfordshire was in need of some serious work to get it back to its former glory. This job consists of two ponds both that need to be completely re-lined, the ponds are full of life containing a large number of newts and other aquatic organisms so we will do our […]Continue Reading


This medium sized pond lightly stocked with fish required a filtration system to be installed. maltby aquatics always recommends using Oase filtration systems and the customer accepted the quote to go ahead and install one on their pond. This Oase filtration system has been our best seller this year with quality parts and easy use […]Continue Reading


Today we installed another Oase filtoclear 3000 set for a customer with a very green pond in Hemel Hempsted, Hertfordshire. This pond contains a large number of fish and previously did not have any filtration so was in desperate need of one. The green water will be removed with the Oase UVC which has a […]Continue Reading


This centre piece aquarium needed an adjustment with its lighting. The lighting was in a real muddle and situated well above the water level reducing the effectiveness of the lighting penetration and therefore reduced levels of PAR, not great for coral growth. Two old T8 marine blue tubes were replaced with two state of the […]Continue Reading